Blakk Rasta
Blakk Rasta

Abubakar Ahmed, better known by his stage name Blakk Rasta, is a Ghanaian reggae performer and broadcaster who has expressed unhappiness over the musicians’ repeated refusals of his requests for participation.

Blakk Rasta asked musicians to quit underestimating their colleagues and appealed for a shift in thinking in an article.

“I think selfishness is a big factor in a lot of things. We do not have faith in one another. He said to King Lagazee, “It is depressing to watch everyone concentrate on their own interests without actually assisting one another.

Blakk Rasta also shared his amazement at the answers he got from artists when he approached them about working together.

I recently asked a few musicians to work with me, but their responses were extremely surprising, he bemoaned.

He claims that each time he submits a song to an artist for cooperation, he gets no response.

“Oh, legend, send me the music, they would say. It has a feel, and the song has a genuine vibe. But after that, I stopped hearing from them,” Blakk Rasta said.

Although he noted that he has had the chance to showcase well-known musicians in the past, cooperation has never been his strong suit.

He blamed the lack of cooperation on people thinking too highly of themselves; some thought that being on his record would affect the game.

“Unity becomes difficult to achieve when ego rules. If we want to advance, we must get rid of our egos, he urged.