Even though Adjetey Anang, whose persona is very different from the character, played “Pusher” superbly, one of the most important characters in Ghanaian movie history, he hasn’t been able to overcome the “stigma” that came with playing the role.

The award-winning actor claimed that because he was portraying a character that his friends and neighbors were unfamiliar with when he played “Pusher” on the popular TV series “Things We Do For Love,” they had a different impression of him.

Anang says in a conversation with Felicia Osei on Onua FM’s #AdwumaAdwuma that many who knew him were startled and could not understand that he was portraying a “bad boy” so convincingly when in reality he was not one.

“When I first started playing Pusher, it was challenging… I am not a terrible guy, so most of my friends attempted to figure out whether after school I probably slipped into bad company since I am a very quiet person and I am constantly watching,” he said. “My neighbors were startled, and my old friends couldn’t believe it.

In addition, Adjetey Anang, who will turn 50 in a few weeks, said that “it was difficult for people to reconcile the Adjetey they knew with the one on the space station.”

Source: Dklassgh.com