Azuka tackles Prophet Ajagurajah

Social media trends have been dominated by a growing conflict between two prominent Ghanaian prophets, Prophet and Prophet Ajagurajah.

The conflict between the two spiritual authorities began when Prophet attacked Bishop Kwabena Asiamah by calling him a phony man of God in an interview with ZionFelix.

During the now-viral conversation, Prophet Azuka criticized Bishop Kwabena Asiamah for deceiving Ghanaians by asserting that he possessed spiritual power from God without holding back.

In a display of unreserved boldness, he alleged that Prophet Ajagurajah is masquerading as a genuine man of God while lacking the spiritual prowess he claims to possess.

During the course of the conversation, Prophet Azuka sternly warned Prophet Ajagurajah to stop pretending to be a genuine prophet or else face public shame.

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Prophet Azuka also made fun of Prophet Ajagurajah's personal hygiene routines, mocking him for using perfumes and soaps with disagreeable scents when bathing.

In a final act of bluster, Prophet Azuka declared himself to be the most influential man of God in the nation, surpassing all rivals, including Bishop Ajagurajah.

As Prophet Ajagurajah has not yet reacted to Auzka's planned attack on him, this veiled ridicule will undoubtedly intensify the simmering conflict between the two men of God.

Source; Dklassgh.Com