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India Willoughby Children: Does India Willoughby have any Children?



India Willoughby

, born on September 2, 1965, is Britain's first transgender national television newsreader and the inaugural transgender co-host of the all-women talk show, Loose Women on ITV. She has been recognized for her contributions to the media, including a nomination for the British LGBT Award in 2017 and winning the Diversity in Media Award in the same year for her impactful appearance on Loose Women.

Willoughby began her career as a TV reporter at ITV Border before joining 5News on Channel 5. Her turning point came when she graced the set of ITV's Loose Women as a guest, sharing her inspiring journey with the audience. She was invited back as a co-host, embracing the role alongside notable personalities like Priscilla Presley and Russell Watson.

In 2018, Willoughby entered reality television by participating in Channel 5's Celebrity Big Brother – Year of the Woman, a platform for her to advocate for transgender rights. However, her newfound visibility exposed her to the harsh realities of online abuse and trolling, prompting her to undergo facial feminization surgery in Marbella.

Despite these challenges, Willoughby continued to make strides in the media landscape, making appearances on popular programs like ITV's Good Morning Britain and Channel 5's Most Shocking Celebrity Moments 2018 and When News Goes Horribly Wrong 2018. Her unwavering commitment to her craft led her to participate in the opening night of GB News in June 2021, where she fearlessly confronted issues of transgender representation.

In 2017, India Willoughby's appearance on BBC Woman's Hour sparked important discussions surrounding transgender identity, challenging misconceptions and stereotypes. Her engagement with the LGBTQ+ community remained strong, as evidenced by her involvement with events like Harrogate Pride.

However, her rise to fame became apparent as she became a target of online abuse and death threats. In a candid interview, she revealed the toll that constant harassment took on her mental health, expressing feelings of isolation and vulnerability. In response, she received a chilling death threat from a proscribed neo-Nazi terrorist group, underscoring the urgent need for greater protection and accountability in online spaces.

India Willoughby Children: Does India Willoughby have any Children?

Britain's first transgender national TV newsreader, is known to a parent to at least one child known as Rhodes. We do not have much information about her children.


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