AKD Dehatman known in real life as Afunya Kofi Daniel writes # ISTANDWITHNAM1

The most crucial quality of all successful leaders through history without fail has always been VISION.

If Ghana has one huge problem, it is the lack of visionary leaders since Kwame Nkrumah due to the PhD DNA running through our veins.

Just over a couple of years ago, we got to know of a new leader who possesses the kind of vision we have been missing for a long time and who is determined to stop at nothing to bring this vision to fruition: Nana Appiah Mensah with his vision ‘Ghana shall Prosper’.

He has injected heavily into the development of our youth in the creative arts Industry to acquire skills and build on our talents. Talent grooming and management was his ultimate objective.

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He has invested heavily from returns made from Ghana into Creative arts production, Mass media production, Marketing and promotions, Event management among other businesses providing employment to over 10,000 Ghanaian youth. He’s not selfish. He is a decent to reckon with. When he met the president of our land, he described NAM1 as” A bourgeoise empowering the Proletarians.”

What are the news making headlines and trending today.:

Nana Appiah Mensah life is under threat.

Don’t trust the ‘thief’ called Nana Appiah Mensah.

NAM1 now wanted wanted by INTERPOL in 194 countries.

You wanted to bailout Ebony, now you are hiding.

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This is not fair. His business was running smoothly, customers were getting fat returns and happy until wicked ones set in with their Saga to pull him down.

This man has a great heart and vision for our motherland, let’s not behave like the Babylonians who hailed Jesus as king, and crucified him.

This is not the end, he will rise and become the saviour of Arts and entertainment industry.

Log live NAM1

Long live Menzgold

Long live

Long live Ghana.