Black Sherif has expressed his dissatisfaction with how living, in reality, may make it impossible to be oneself, therefore he attempts to build his own universe and live his life in peace.

For the record, Black Sherif has never let Ghanaians down when it comes to his musical abilities. His arrival on the music scene sparked a new phenomenon and energized the business, reassuring Ghanaians that even though the A-list singers are no longer with us, the new generation of talents can manage and even improve the music scene.

With songs like “Money,” “Akonam,” “Cry On Me,” “First Sermon,” and “Second Sermon,” Black Sherif has made a reputation for himself and is on Ghanaians’ lips.

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Despite all of the attention and advancement he has received in the music industry so far, Black Sherif has admitted that living, in reality, maybe stressful at times.

He claims that the only way he can manage his irritation is to create a small area in his head and live in it.

Taking to Twitter, Blacko wrote: At least I’m able to create a space in my head and live in it. Reality really sucks as Aubrey said.


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