Black Sherif

In an interview with CNN's Larry Madowo, Ghanaian rapper Black Sherif spoke candidly about his unexpected success and growing up in the spotlight.

He claims that growing up in the spotlight is challenging since people anticipate nothing less than perfection from him.

Speaking candidly about growing up in the spotlight, Blacko noted that being in the spotlight at the age of 19, approximately two years ago, has been challenging.

“People no longer desire to witness your errors. Being difficult. Only in my life do I like the leading man. I thus strive to act in a way that is best for me, he added in the interview.

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The fact that he was in the spotlight on a global scale startled him, since only his family and those close to him knew he could sing.

He said that every time he travels abroad, he is constantly astounded by how well-known his music is.

He recalled performing in London a month after The Villain I Never Was was released, and the audience sang every song on the album from beginning to end. He explained what influences his work.

“My art comes from my emotions. I compose music while I'm sobbing. I compose songs when I'm joyful. I write music when I'm puzzled.

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