Popular Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky was a guest of Nigerian journalist Chude, and in an open and honest conversation, the prominent Instagram star, crossdresser, and fake transsexual finally disclosed how he funds his onscreen flamboyance.

Chude asked Bobrisky:

You are rich. Where is this money coming from?

To which Bobrisky replied:

Okay. Most times, I’m this person that I allow people say different things because that’s what keeps me in the news all the time. The moment I come and tell you ‘okay, you know what?

Let me now explain to you guys this is where the money is coming from’, I don’t think I’ll be trending like the way I’m trending.

People want to know ‘Ah! Bob bought this, did this, did that, everyday,’ always showing off money – N50 million, N100 million, dollars everyday.

Well, let me start from my adverts, influencing. I charge a lot of money. When I tell people that I charge over N30 million to influence people’s brand, people say it’s a lie. You know, I like the fact that they’re actually looking down on me because it’s making me go far, do you understand? When they now see, they now say ‘Ah, it’s true o!

This one hold o!’ So going back to the money aspect, from my endorsement deals I charge – for six months it depends on the brand I’m influencing for – I charge over 50 million naira and above.

And because I do it with passion, I’m this kind of person that I like to influence, to talk, to showcase myself, to show off myself so people want to watch me. They’re so interested. They say ‘I want to watch this Bobrisky.

I don’t still get one thing. Let me keep watching, let me understand who Bobrisky is.’ From there, I bring out two different brands – and people say okay if this can look this good on Bobrisky, then it’s going to look perfect on me and they start buying.

So people, the brands, see the effects of what I sell or what I put out there and if I tell them I’m collecting any amount of money today, no brand will tell me I won’t pay, they will pay.

Source: Dklassgh.com

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