Klint Da Drunk

Klint Da Drunk, the Nigerian comedian, has praised God for his life after surviving a horrific vehicle accident, claiming he can’t believe he was in that car after seeing how badly it was destroyed.

Klint Da Drunk provided images of the automobile he was in before the collision, and it’s a marvel he’s still alive today, even though he has minor scratches on his body.

Klint Da Drunk thanked God Almighty for the gift of life after God Almighty saved his life and rescued him from the automobile without a scratch on his body, stating he can’t believe he was in the car that was so badly damaged.

Fans and family members have joined him in praising God for the gift of life by protecting him from the accident, because no one knows what would have occurred if God hadn’t intervened, based on the way the automobile was wrecked.

Klint Da Drunk is a well-known comedian who is well-liked by virtually everyone for his jokes and the way he is able to address serious subjects in his jokes while making it appear as if they are unimportant, and he also imparts advise via some of his jokes.

Source: Dklassgh.com

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