Yeni Kuti, the prominent figure in Nigerian media and the daughter of the late Afro-beat superstar Fela Kuti, has said that she does not view infidelity as a deal-breaker in a marriage or relationship.

The 61-year-old said during an interview with TVC that even if she found her spouse having an extramarital affair, she wouldn't break things off with him. She said that her mother stayed in her marriage despite the fact that her late father, Fela , had 27 wives. 

However, she said that learning that her boyfriend is having an extramarital affair is her deal-breaker.

She said:

“For me cheating is not a deal breaker. My father had 27 wives, my mother didn't go. I am not saying she was happy, but she didn't leave. My own deal breaker is if I find out my own partner is sleeping with another man. That is my deal breaker. I will run, they wouldn't even beg me. I will run”.


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