According to Ghanaian singer , who lives in the UK, one's right to privacy ends when they marry their significant other. As a result, couples should be free to share all of their secrets with one another.

She claimed that although each partner might have some limitations, marriage is a context in which neither of them should keep anything from the other.

“When you get married, you lose your privacy; you and your wife ought to be one.” Whatever you're doing, I don't care. Don't be reluctant to answer each other's calls on the phone.

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“You don't have anything to keep from one another. What does the pledge say, that you are expected to be one? You are a union, according to the pledge, so when did your phone become yours? One, you are. You develop in that way, she added.

“I mean, since it's business, there are some things you might not have to disclose. That's unique… You don't have to share if you have a phone and everything you need to do is work-related, she clarified.

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