Mr Music Mensah
Mr Music Mensah

Lawrence Mensah, popularly known as , a Ghanaian gospel artiste based in the United States, has expressed regret over his decision to pursue the gospel genre.

The gospel artiste who's disappointed in the industry he plies his trade revealed that he will venture into Secular music.

Despite his efforts and large sums of money spent on public relations, he claims that he does not receive enough support from the media. claims that the media fails to promote his good works because it favors gospel artists who aren't even as good as him.

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In a Facbook post, Mr Muzic Mensah made these known in an open letter posted on Facebook as follows:

Today I speak from within me to all Ghanians and everyone across the globe, I've deeply regretted starting my music career as a gosple artist. For 10 years of hard work,spending millions of dollars and cedis, the Ghana Gospel music industry happeneds not to pay attention to my good works, this is hypocrisy and None of the Gosple artists in Ghana does better works done me, who, just name it. I fit all the angles and I deserve better. Henceforth I descend into circular music and If you love me and you love my hard work then be my disciple as I baptize myself into the new world. #peace”

Born Lawrence Mensah to Ghanaian parents in the gold-rich region of Ashanti, Mr Music rose from the humble beginnings of following the popular musical bands of his childhood days and the harmonious choral performances of nearby churches, notably the St Peter's Cathedral Church Choir in Kumasi, Ghana to an artist of world renown.