Mawuli Gavor

Mawuli Gavor, the Ghanaian actor well known for his work in nollywood, claims that comments made about him on social media have no bearing on or impact on his personal life.

He claims that he is still focused on his acting career and does not let other people’s perceptions of him affect how he lives.

He admitted that some of the abuse he receives on social media hurts him, but he refuses to let it influence his actions in a way that would make them more popular.

Mawuli Gavor remarked during an interview with Joyprime TV on CelebBiz.

I won’t lie; some things will have an impact on you. As you can see, there have been occasions when I’ve trended across Africa and received a wide range of comments. However, I believe that there are other anecdotes from your time in Nigeria that might People approached me as I was sitting in a corner and said, “Bro, you’re trending—what the hell is going on?”

But you discover that, like I said, it’s not your decision. Of course, there are things that choke you up. But I won’t lie and say that it doesn’t affect me. I will state that it won’t have any impact on my life in any manner.

The actor said that social media taunts occasionally upset him, but he does not permit them to have any kind of negative impact on his life.

“There will always be someone sitting in Kasoa or Lagos shouting all kinds of things, but that is not an issue. I believe you should be permitted to do that, as long as you are not paying my expenses or otherwise significantly influencing my life.

“Yes, social media trolls could cause me harm, but they won’t significantly change my life in any manner, shape, or form. So while I wouldn’t say I’m not moved, I do realize that it has no bearing on my day-to-day activities. Real life is not social media. So long as I can return to my family and kiss and embrace my kid, I’ll be okay, he added.