Afia Schwarzenegger, the socialite and media figure from Ghana, has made fun of those who like criticizing celebrities when their problems are brought to light.

She claims that given the effect of the insults on the celebrity, it is quite concerning how and when certain people punish celebrities whose problems become public.

The contentious media personality asserted that as public figures are people just like everyone else, Ghanaians had to exercise caution while criticizing them when their problems came to light.

criticized people in a TikTok live session for their tendency to criticize others and occasionally even attack celebrities on social media when their problems are brought out in public.

“If a celebrity's problem arises, remember that we are all humans, even though we have some special abilities,” she stated. Therefore, just as being married might lead to its collapse, a celebrity can also experience this. Bullying is not limited to you; it can even happen to superstars. The celebrity may be inebriated, just as you are.

“So, you [Ghanaians] should be measured in your utterances when a celebrity's issue comes up because we [celebrities] are not saints,” she said in her advice. It would be worse if everyone's troubles were made public on social media, as is the case with celebrities. It may even extend beyond our capabilities.