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Galamsey, a neglected risk factor of Kidney Failure? – Mr Yakubu Adam Writes



Galamsey, a neglected risk factor of Kidney Failure? - Mr Yakubu Adam Writes

Mercury exposure has emerged as a pressing public health issue for residents residing in galamsey- prone regions of Ghana. Galamsey, characterized by illegal small-scale mining operations, often employs mercury to extract gold from ore. Unfortunately, this practice results in the significant release of mercury into the environment, contaminating water sources and soils. Consequently, plants absorb this mercury, leading to the contamination of the food chain.

Individuals in these areas face a heightened risk of mercury accumulation in their bodies through various routes, including consuming foods grown in contaminated soils, inhaling mercury vapors, ingesting water and fish with mercury levels, and absorbing mercury through the skin. Numerous studies have linked prolonged mercury exposure to various health issues, notably kidney failures.

Mercury gradually accumulates in the body, particularly in the kidneys, impairing their function and potentially causing renal complications. Since kidneys are vital for filtering waste from the bloodstream, mercury exposure can damage these organs, disrupting fluid and electrolyte balance and impairing filtration and waste elimination.

However, can the surge in galamsey activities in our country be attributed to the increased incidence of kidney failures? Preliminary findings from a major teaching hospital in Ghana suggest that 8 out of every 10 kidney patients that visit their hospital for dialysis originate from galamsey communities or are dependent on it. Historically, Ghana has experienced low levels of kidney cases, possibly due to limited engagement in illegal mining activities like galamsey.

Addressing this issue demands a multifaceted approach, including stringent regulations on illegal mining, improved waste management practices, and heightened awareness among affected communities regarding the dangers of mercury exposure. Furthermore, healthcare interventions should prioritize early detection and management of kidney problems among individuals residing in galamsey-prone areas.

In conclusion, mercury exposure stemming from illegal mining activities poses a significant health hazard to residents, particularly concerning kidney failures. Combating this issue requires a comprehensive strategy encompassing environmental regulations, community education, and healthcare interventions to safeguard the well-being of affected individuals.

Let us unite against this menace and recognize that it affects us all, as we may unwittingly consume contaminated products from the food chain. Additionally, other risk factors for kidney failure, such as certain medications, herbal products, and lifestyle factors, should also be considered and addressed in prevention and intervention efforts.

Yakubu Adam
FIND-GH (Forensic Investigation for National Development-GH) Toxicologist/Lecturer
[email protected]

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