Controversy is part of the game so do not be shocked when certain famous people want to stay controversial just to be on the lips of Ghanaians.
A lot has been said about and her provocative fashion sense but she still wears them. Not long ago, a photo which showed her with no underway, went viral. Today, she gives us another one.
Mzbel who knew this post on her page will attract insults and criticisms, asked her followers to “shut the F**k up” because it is her choice.
It’s my prayer that God give us the courage to accept things for what they are, but to never lose hope that things will always get better like my body after having a FAT baby  #Mzbel #MyDressMyChoice #STFU #HelpStopDumsor #KeepGhanaClean #MzbelBabyyy
I don’t want to talk much about this new photo, just take a look at it yourself.