Be it any tribe you are from in Ghana, these are some of the Reasons Why You Should Always Make Friends With Ewe People today.

From the capital of Volta Region to all towns in Volta Region, Akatsi, Dzodze, Ho, Mafi Aflokope, Mafi Adidome, Tefle, and more, I can say people found within these areas have special characters and reasons why you need to make friends with them.

According to Wikipedia, Volta Region, is one of Ghana’s sixteen administrative regions, with Ho designated as its capital. It is located west of Republic of Togo and to the east of Lake Volta. These are some of the towns found in the region below.

Towns Found In Volta Region

Abor, Abutia Kpota, Abutia-Teti, Adafienu, Adaklu, Adaklu Waya, Adidome, Aflao, Agbozume, Agortime-Kpetoe, Akatsi, Akome, Akpafu, Akrofu, Alakple, Alavanyo, Amedzofe, Ghana, Anfoega, Anlo Afiadenyigba, Anloga, Anyako, Anyanui, Asukawkaw, Atiavi, Atimpoko, Ave-Dakpa, Aveyime-Battor, Baglo, Bame, Brewaniase, Dabala, Dafor, Denu, Dzelukope, Dzodze, Dzolokpuita, Gbefi, Gbledi-Agbogame, Hatsukope, Hedzranawo, Hlefi, Ho, Hohoe, Juapong, Keta, Klefe, Klikor, Kpale Kpalime, Kpalime Duga, Kpando, Kpedze, Kpeme, Kpetoe, Kpeve, Kpeve New Town, Leklebi, Likpe-Mate, Logba Adzekoe, Lolobi, Mafi-Kumasi, Mepe, Nkonya, Nogokpo, Peki, Podoe, Seva, Shia, Sogakope, Sokpoe, Tadzewu, Tanyigbe, Tapa Abotoase, Taviefe, Tegbi, To Kpalime, Tokor, Tongor Kaira, Tsito, Vakpo, Vane – Avatime, Ve Golokwati, Ve-Koloenu, Vume, Wegbe Kpalime, Wheta, Woe etc.

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Now, let us take a look into Reasons Why You Should Always Make Friends With Ewe People.

Ghana is a country which is very peaceful and highly inviting. The people of the land are so welcoming that you cannot help but decide to stay for good even when you just came for tour. There are many ethnic groups in the country. The Ewes are one of the many important and very unique ethnic groups in the land. Why is it that Ewes are so unique? This is not to over hype the Ewe tribe.

It was a question asked by a total stranger. There are many reasons why you should make friends with an Ewe man or woman. Firstly, the Ewes have a lot to offer their strangers. It is nearly a taboo for an Ewe to be hostile to a stranger. How the community will descend on you! That is why when an Ewe household receives a visitor, they strive to entertain him or her to the fullest.

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Ewes are close to their ancestors and therefore, to God. The Ewes always hold their cultural heritage in high esteem. Unlike some of the ethnic groups in Ghana which have washed their good ways of life away for foreign and adulterated ways of life, the Ewes know better; our traditional dances and festivals speak the rest of the story. We will not talk about this too much; it will sound like we are hyping the Ewe culture.

Another reason why you should make friends with Ewes is that they are law abiding. Who told you that you can mess with another man’s wife when you are in an Ewe land? You dare not! The retribution is grave. Anyway, do not fear. Since you are going to be equally law abiding, nobody will pose a threat to you. You will learn good behaviour immediately you step feet in the Ewe territory.

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But Ghana in general, is a place to reside in. The Ewes form a fragment of the land. Since the Ewes are unique, the other ethnic groups are equally important. It is only a few societies in Ghana which are brainwashed because of modernisation.

These are some of the awesome reasons why you should make friends with Ewes before it’s too late. Be it Efo Kojo, Efo Edem or Agbeshie, any is known as Ewe.

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