Towns In Volta Region

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The most easterly region of Ghana is the Volta Region, an area of extraordinary scenic beauty bordering Togo. Its landscape of rolling hills and valleys, with rocky outcrops, lagoons, rivers, and waterfalls, is one of nature’s most attractive gifts to Ghana.

Climatic conditions vary tremendously within the Volta Region, which stretches from the coastal plains on the Atlantic coast to the arid lands of the north. Visitors can experience almost every tropical climate in West Africa as they travel from the coastal plains, fringed by sunny beaches and mangrove swamps, through the deciduous rain forests of the central belt- the location of Mount Afadjato the arid savanna of northern Ghana.

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With this, our concern has drawn our attention to provide you with some of the Towns Found In the Volta Region, Ghana.

Towns Found In Volta Region

These towns are found below for you.

  • Abor
  • Abutia Kpota
  • Abutia-Teti
  • Adafienu
  • Adaklu
  • Adaklu Waya
  • Adidome
  • Akosombo
  • Aflao
  • Agbozume
  • Agortime-Kpetoe
  • Akatsi
  • Akome
  • Akpafu
  • Akrofu
  • Alakple
  • Alavanyo
  • Amedzofe
  • Anfoega
  • Anlo Afiadenyigba
  • Anloga
  • Anyako
  • Anyanui
  • Asukawkaw
  • Atiavi
  • Atimpoko
  • Ave-Dakpa
  • Aveyime-Battor
  • Baglo
  • Bame
  • Brewaniase
  • Dabala
  • Dafor
  • Denu
  • Dzelukope
  • Dzodze
  • Dzolokpuita
  • Gbefi
  • Gbledi-Agbogame
  • Hatsukope
  • Hedzranawo
  • Hlefi
  • Ho
  • Hohoe
  • Juapong
  • Keta
  • Klefe
  • Klikor
  • Kpale Kpalime
  • Kpalime Duga
  • Kpando
  • Kpedze
  • Kpeme
  • Kpetoe
  • Kpeve
  • Kpeve New Town
  • Leklebi
  • Likpe-Mate
  • Logba Adzekoe
  • Lolobi
  • Mafi-Kumasi
  • Mepe
  • Nkonya
  • Nogokpo
  • Peki
  • Podoe
  • Seva
  • Shia
  • Sogakope
  • Sokpoe
  • Tadzewu
  • Tanyigbe
  • Tapa Abotoase
  • Taviefe
  • Tegbi
  • To Kpalime
  • Tokor
  • Tongor Kaira
  • Tsito
  • Vakpo
  • Vane – Avatime
  • Ve Golokwati
  • Ve-Koloenu
  • Vume
  • Wegbe Kpalime
  • Wheta
  • Woe
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