“I Didn’t Know Sister Debbie Was Featured” – Strongman

Strongman Burner, the Ghanaian rapper, has declared that he will never waste his time beefing with any musician who will not have an impact on his music career.

Strongman stated in an interview with E.TV Ghana that when beefing another musician, he considers two factors. Either he’s settling a score with the artist or using the beef to propel his career forward.

“Before becoming involved in any beef, I always think about two things. The first is that it should put an end to any squabbles I’ve had with the other musician. That, I feel, is the greatest moment to resolve such matters.”

He went on to clarify that the second incident will only happen if it helps propel his career forward. “I don’t see why I should amuse you if it won’t push me to the next level when I don’t have any difficulties with you.”

Strongman saw the conflict between himself and Medikal as advantageous to his music career. He informed the host, “That beef was helpful to me, and that is why I continued with it.” Strongman revealed that he has had the opportunity to get involved in beef, but he believes they will not benefit him in any way, which is why he has not done so yet.

On e.TV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show, Strongman told Foster Romanus, “Sometimes it’s necessary because it provides us the attention we need to promote whatever it is we’re working on and bringing out.”

Source: Dklassgh

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