Nasty Blaq and Fella
Nasty Blaq and Fella

Nasty Blaq, the Nigerian comedian, appears to be annoyed that Fella Makafui continues to brother-zone him when they reunited in Nigeria for another sketch with CrazeClown and Mr. Macaroni.

During his visit to Ghana, Fella Makafui and Nasty Blaq made a skit, in which she brother-zoned him, and months later, Fella Makafui went to Nigeria to do another skit with him and CrazeClown, in which she brother-zoned all of them.

Nasty Blaq isn’t happy that Fella Makafui’s brother zoned him even after the skit during their Nigerian link-up, so he reacted to her post referring to him as her brother by asking if they’re still in the beloved brother zone.

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Nasty Blaq’s response was mocked by netizens, who mocked him for asking if he wanted to take over from Medikal just because he isn’t with his wife in Nigeria and is whining about being brother-zoned by a married lady with a child.

From the video, it appears like Fella Makafui had a great time shooting with Nasty Blaq and CrazeClown, and we hope that whatever skit they create from her vacation to Nigeria will be worth it and that people will enjoy it.

Watch the video and a screenshot of Nasty Blaq’s comment below:


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