Sefadzi Amesu, the Black Avenue Muzik signed artiste better known as S3fa, has said that in order for her to make a living, her fans should stop admiring only her breasts and other body parts and promote her songs as well.

The beautiful songstress said in an interview on Asaase Radio’s late afternoon show, “Rush Hour,” that people were more concerned with her “outer appearance” than with how to best promote her career.

It has to do with my form or my ass or whatever if it isn’t about “my breasts.” I’m feeling like… It’s because they enjoy it that they’re discussing it. “However, it should not be the subject,” she stated.

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Although male singers “can never take that looks out… because it’s part of your brand,” the singer admitted that female singers “can never take that looks out… because it’s part of your brand.”

“If… all the emphasis is focused on the looks and not on promoting the music, boosting the voice, or promoting the person’s songs elsewhere,” she continued, “then what’s the point of it all?”

“I’m not an actor, I’m not a model, I’m a musician,” she explained, adding, “if you’re going to promote my beauty, at least put some music to it, and let it go… hand in hand or the music is more important than the appearance. It shouldn’t only be about my physical appearance.”

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She went on to say that female singers had to perform “twice as well as or better than men” in order to be recognized in this section of the industry.

When questioned if her style on social media was provoking these debates over her appearance, Sefa insisted that what people saw on social media was not who she was.

“No, but that’s not me; the Sefa my mother and father know is the Sefa who is constantly sleeping and watching cartoons in the room.” For example, I don’t even go out since I despise going out.

Source; Dklassgh.com

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