Black Sherif

DJ Slim, the Ghanaian disc jockey, is still looking for Mohammed Ismail Sherif, also known as Black Sherif, the young Ghanaian artist.

According to him, Black Sherif is now one of Ghana’s most ungrateful musicians since he revealed the amount of money spent on the singer by his previous management.

The singer was in the news a few days ago after DJ Slim made nasty remarks about him, prompting him to move out of the house his management gave him.

DJ Slim also revealed that Black Sherif’s management purchased a number of items in order to make the musician more comfortable, but that the artist did not acknowledge all of them.

In his most recent submittal, he stated that he had spent over $300,000 (GHC 2,000,000) on the artist, and that he had dumped the person who had made all of these expenditures in less than five months.