AMG has stated that he has no intention of disrespecting anybody who has helped him advance in his music career since he lacks the nerve to do so.

This follows a slew of controversy concerning his current relationship with Shatta Wale. Many assumed that the rapper had ditched his old employer, Criss Waddle, in order to pursue the dancehall artist.

Many criticised the rapper for ignoring his cousin, Criss Waddle, who launched him into the spotlight and helped him become one of the top rappers in the game. Criss Waddle, on the other hand, took to Twitter to refute that had ditched him for Shatta Wale.

He stated that his connection with extends beyond what we can see, and that nothing will be able to break apart his bond with the rapper.

, on the other hand, has stepped out to dispel the claims, claiming that he lacks the bravery to disparage anybody who has helped him achieve success in his music career.

He wrote; I don’t have the courage to disrespect someone who put me on, I be John like that