A Plus And Feli Nuna
A Plus And Feli Nuna

On Saturday night, TPP Movement leader Kwame Asare Obeng, also known as A Plus, and rapper Feli Nuna had a heated confrontation on UTV’s United Showbiz.

When the topic of record label executives or managers taking advantage of female musicians by wanting to sleep with them before sponsoring or promoting them came up, their conversation began.

Feli Nuna’s partner is affluent, but he refuses to support her music, so she went to someone for sponsorship, and the person stated he likes her, and she grew upset, questioning why the guy said he loves her.

A Plus stressed that once the supposed rich boyfriend of Feli Nuna has no plans of investing in her craft then it means he does not believe in her talent or he is a ‘forkn’ guy.

The assertions of A Plus however did sit well with Feli Nuna, who claimed that what A Plus is saying is illogical and that her poet boyfriend is more sensible than A Plus.

The brought about a lot of back and forth between the two.

Watch the video below