Tebi Graphiato

The introduction of Tebi Graphiato, a product by Tebi SK Trading into the Ghanaian market which is used for both interior and exterior wall for its protection from cracks, fungus, among others has been highly patronized and accepted by large number of the populace.

The product which was introduced few months ago has been described as quality, efficient, and highly affordable by the buyers.

According to them, the product gives a line long lasting durability, resistance to extreme weathering, with an exquisite fine finish.

Speaking to this paper in Accra, a customer who said the product was introduced to him by a family friend said the product is highly durable, washable, lead free, anti-fungus ad has given his house a fine finish.

What Tebi Graphiato Stands for

Tebi Graphiato is a synthetic render finish, which can be applied straight to most fair face surface such as concrete, plaster both interior and exterior. It is a ready mixed coating composed of high quality exterior durable styrene acrylic co-polymer emulsion and weather resistant pigment with special graded silica granules with its unique engraved plaster and a superb finish two (2) in one (1).

It is formulated with special type of fungicides and algaecides reduces efflorescence resisting alkaline hydrolysis and tropical fungus, algae and mold growth both on the surface and under the surface.

It provides superior performance for all painting projects. It’s an excellent choice for both residential and commercial projects where long term durability is needed. It prevents fungus, wall cracks and it’s washable. Tebi Graphiato uses high quality raw materials to ensure its complete satisfaction.

Tebi Graphiato Taking Over Ghanaian Market

Tebi Graphiato Taking Over Ghanaian Market first appear on Dklassgh.Com

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