Tebi Graphiato

Large amount of people who purchased Tebi Graphiato, a product introduced by Tebi SK Trading has openly declared the product as the best when it comes to protecting one’s building.

The product which was introduced barely two months ago, the customers describe as quality, efficient, and highly affordable.

Speaking to this website, a customer who said the product was introduced to him by a family friend said it has added beauty, and has made the attractive nature of his building superb. 

According to him, he was earlier relying on an insufficient product which made his building pathetic and lackadaisical.

“Tebi Graphiato has changed the beauty of my building. It is a good product. I knew about it a month ago, earlier, I doubted its quality based on past experiences but this family friend convinced me, I finally gave a try and it has been the best for me so far. It has protected my building, and also has made the attractive nature comes higher.”

Another customer who also spoke to the paper added, “TebiGraphiato is the best product I have seen. It has made my building beautiful. One funny thing is I didn’t spend much on it. It is affordable as well. The good finishing and protection of every building is always the best, and Tebi Graphiato into the market is the best product meant for such duty, to enable the property last for long without damage.”

Tebi Graphiato

What Tebi Graphiato Stand for 

Tebi Graphiato is thrilled to announce the launch of our one-of-a-kind product that protects a structure from damage.

Tebi Graphiato is a one-of-a-kind product designed to protect all structures from water, termites, and other elements that can cause damage.

The product has a unique application approach. It dries in 15-20 minutes and becomes tougher on the building’s surface whenever it rains, providing long-term protection.

The design is also available in a variety of styles.

Tebi Graphiato is a preventative measure to water your building before a severe rainstorm, keeping your home secure while allowing you to experience the beauty of the rain.

It has a high-quality, great-looking surface that gives your home the look it deserves.

Background of Tebi SK Trading

Tebi SK Trading is a licensed retail and shopping shop in Ghana that sells construction materials and offers a unique blend of modern-day construction, technology, experience, and new-fashioned quality and craftsmanship in Agbogba.

Through regular hands-on involvement in the manufacturing process, the organization continues to develop building skills and successful management practices.

Since its foundation, the company has been producing building solutions for successful projects, with expertise in both new construction and rehabilitation industries.

Educational, hotel, healthcare, commercial, and high-end residential are some of the market categories in which the company excels.

The company’s customer base is made up of over 80% repeat customers because to our high safety standards and quality control.

The company is able to fully integrate the technology sequence that has become possible for us over time to meet the construction quality demands and schedule objectives in a cost-effective manner by handling quality building materials to our clients.

Other products

Tebi SK Trading has in stuck quality security doors, interior and exterior electrical gadgets, CCTV cameras for offices and homes from Turkey.

The quality of the products, Mr. Tebi who doubles as the Chief Executive Officer of Tebi SK Trading explained is topnotch than many of the products seen in the country.


At Tebi SK Trading, it’s mission is to efficiently manage clients’ expectations, build trust with all our stakeholders and deliver a quality end product.

This is centered on their values of Integrity, Excellence, Commitment, and Diligence with enough assistance on how to build dream life for clients as well. 

To achieve customer recognition and stakeholder satisfaction by committing to the highest level of performance with creativity and a passion for results.

It is also to provide customers with the largest range of building materials in Ghana through the biggest distribution network and retail outlets, while satisfying the increasing needs of its customers by providing high quality products and services.

To be a valuable real estate development company that benchmarks world-class real estate products and concepts, across all real estate verticals, thereby significantly contributing to building modern India and creating greater value for customers, corporate clients and investors.


The company’s vision is to secure the foremost position among all building materials companies in the country and across Africa.

To be a global leader in engineering, manufacturing and delivery of high value-added quality products and services for the construction industry.

To strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, corporate clients and investors through superior quality construction that stands the test of time. All through transparency, improvised specifications, timely delivery and the utmost degree of professionalism and ethics.