Mr. Macaroni

Debo Adedayo, often known as Mr. Macaroni, the well-known Nigerian comedian has admitted that he hasn't been in a relationship for more than ten years.

The 29-year-old content producer admitted to having sex despite not being in a relationship during a podcast interview with media personality Adeherself in which they discussed, among other topics, the possessiveness of Nigerian males.

“99% of Nigerian men are possessive, whether they have money in their pockets or not. Even your ordinary male friends are possessive of you,” Adeherself said.

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Responding, said,

“Perception is different from reality.” Even though we know this most of the time, perception will now want to take on the shape of reality. Let me use myself as an example. You say 99% of Nigerian men are possessive. I am not possessive. Talking about dating, I have been single for over 10 years now.”

“You see, this is the culture I'm talking about. When I say it, you people don't want to believe me. But it's the truth… If you want to ask me a question, ask directly. If you want to ask me if I've been having s3x, absolutely yes. I am an adult. I already said it now. I have been having s3x.” He added.


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