Sergio Manucho

After becoming famous in their musical careers, artists that don't acknowledge the media have come under fire from entertainment journalist Sergio Manucho.

Sergio's remarks came shortly after entertainment journalist Kwame Dadzie posted about the same topic on social media on Wednesday.

In his piece, Kwame Dadzie expressed his anger for artists who don't acknowledge the media's contribution to their success and instead credit just their own labor.

expanded on how some of these artists laud foreign media platforms while criticizing their own in an interview on Hitz Gallery with Dr. Pounds.

Do they share uplifting articles from MyJoyOnline and AdomOnline? They promote other foreign media outlets as though they are the only ones doing it. Even the artwork you create for them for their interviews is not shared.

He stated, “What Kwame Dadzie posted on social media makes a lot of sense.”

asked the media to come out against musicians who refused to give them credit for their achievements.

“This is our responsibility, and we must speak out against disrespectful musicians.” They are also egotistical. He questioned, “How many artists ever phone media people to thank them for their support during the previous year at Christmas?”

We must speak out against disrespectful musicians because this is our duty. They are also self-centered. He wondered how many artists ever called the media to thank them for their support over the previous year during the holidays.