Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actress and producer Yvonne Nelson has shared her experience of nearly giving birth in a moving vehicle. She claimed that while traveling to the hospital, she had to hold the baby's head.

She shared her story of giving birth to her first child, saying that because her water broke at home, she nearly lost the child but was able to make it to the hospital in time with the assistance of a neighbor.

This was revealed by on the GTV Breakfast Show.

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When she arrived at the hospital, the doctors reprimanded her for the dangerous maneuver, warning that she may have lost the baby. She recalled that day as a memorable event due to the terrible roads and the suffering she had to undergo.

Since having her child, the claims she has gained perspective and found meaning in her life.

Yvonne Nelson admitted that while she would be thrilled to have another child, it won't happen anytime soon.

She continued by saying that she would prefer two daughters to a boy. When asked what she hoped her daughter would become, the filmmaker said that she hoped she would “grow up elegantly, intelligently, and into a lady of value.”

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Source: Dklassgh.com

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