Felicia Osei

Felicia Osei appreciates the opportunity that TikTok has given her. The social networking app that turned the Ghanaian socialite into an internet sensation gave her an instant boost in popularity.

The comedienne, who is now an influencer and TV/radio host, has described how her life has changed for the better and that more possibilities have come her way as a result of her success on TikTok.

I can tell by how I look that TikTok has done a lot for me. Due to TikTok, I was able to go from Kumasi to Accra, which has tremendously impacted my life. “I didn't even have a dream that I would travel to Accra, yet here I am, chilling and flexing in Accra,” she said.

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celebrities that I get to meet. I used to go and wait in line to meet celebrities, maybe two or three years ago… Yet now I may contact them for photo opportunities. “Hence, as a radio personality, these are some of the enjoyable aspects of my profession,” she stated.

Felicia adds that although she doesn't yet have a home or a car, she is really content with how far TikTok has taken her.

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