Christian Atsu
Christian Atsu

Prophet Eliezer Oswald Awuyeh reveals God did not save Christian because he does not provide any money to the church.

The pastor claimed that Atsu squandered his money on the hungry and destitute and left the church without food, so when he was in distress, God did nothing to assist him.

According to a stunning sermon that went viral, Atsu could have been saved if he had given to the church, but he declined.

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The man of God claimed that those who insist they don't need to give to the church but would rather give to the needy are putting themselves at risk.

He advised them to seek assistance from the less fortunate rather than a pastor when they were in need.

The man of God is basically telling rich people to abandon all philanthropy and donate their money to the church.

He received numerous derogatory slurs from online users, including being greedy and dumb.


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