Osofo kyiri Abosom
Osofo kyiri Abosom

Osofo Kyiri Abosom has publicly said on numerous occasions that he does not acknowledge either the authority of the Bible or the claim that Jesus Christ is the name by which demons are cast out.

He defended his lack of faith in the Bible by emphatically asserting that Jesus Christ, despite being the son of God, is just a prophet, and he counseled other prophets to rely on the holy spirit that resides within them rather than the Bible. He made this statement during a segment of the delay show.

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He claims that since Jesus Christ completed his work on earth, it is unnecessary to continue using his name. Instead, he casts out demons using the power that the Holy Spirit has given him.

“He is a prophet, in my opinion.” Mohammed is a prophet, in my opinion. They have finished their work and left. Our time has come. I'm in Ghana. Jesus stayed away from Ghana. In Israel, he was “he said.”

“Neither Heaven nor Hell exist. You won't always get what you sow, so don't be evil. You will suffer before you pass away if you act evilly, he continued.

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