, the former manager of ‘loudmouthed musician' Shatta Wale, has blasted the current administration for its terrible leadership.

voiced his disapproval of the government on UTV's Showbiz Night, calling it “useless.”

He is indignant at the state of the river now as a result of illicit mining and the government's carelessness in eradicating this deadly illness.

He claims that politicians are either not acting at all or barely acting as the country disintegrates.

Bulldog exhorts all concerned individuals to speak up and demand that the government live up to its obligations.

Everyone in government needs to hang their heads in shame. The government is really worthless.

Let's be honest and sound the alarm where it needs to be raised: the government is ineffective and doing nothing. From rivers getting contaminated and changing color to newborns being born without genitalia, we have come a long way. how depressing

It is terrible that despite our daily cries to “stop Galamsey,” the administration is still run by the same individuals.

Source: Dklassgh.com