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Some People Didn’t Have A Supportive Mother Like Yours But Didn’t Write A Book – Bulldog Chastises Yvonne Nelson




Despite having a loving mother, entertainment commentator Bulldog recently said that he finds it difficult to understand why Yvonne Nelson felt the need to produce a book detailing her troubles as a child growing up without her father.

acknowledged his surprise at the memoir's details during a conversation on United Showbiz. Many others, he claimed, grew up without father figures and without reliable financial support, yet they were never inspired to write a book about their experiences.

Internet users have been reacting to parts of Yvonne Nelson's book, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” in which she discusses her doubts over the identity of her father. The guy who carries her surname turned out not to be her actual father, so Yvonne reveals in her biography how she tested her DNA many times in an effort to find her real father.

There are many people who had a similar destiny but handled it in various ways. I can name such individuals. Even though their father passed away while they were young, in some circumstances, they didn't act in this way.



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