Adjetey Anang and son
Adjetey Anang and son

Ghanaian actor, , popularly known as Pusher, has opened up about his heartfelt desire for a larger family. 

Despite already being a proud father of one child, he expressed his wish to have more kids during an exclusive interview with Graphic Showbiz.

In the candid conversation, Adjetey revealed that he has always wanted to have two children, indicating that he cherishes the joys and responsibilities of parenthood and desires to expand his family further.

“I have always wanted to have two and my wife wants to have three children so if we have one or two more, it will be great but we are content with what we have,” he noted.

, renowned for his role in the classic series ‘The Things We Do For Love,' and his beloved wife, Elorm Anang, experienced the joy of parenthood after seven years of marriage. 

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During this waiting period as devoted Christians, they faced one of the most trying times in their marriage, making the arrival of their first baby all the more special.

He explained that, “It was a combination of feelings, there were times when there was so much hope and there were other times you would ask yourself what is it that you are doing wrong as Christians. 

There were times when we were invited for outdoorings and other times when people will see you and say, we are praying for you. All of that was not easy at all for us.”

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“There was a lot of pressure on us and it was very tough but we kept hoping and hoping and here we are today,” he added.