I’ve had lots of advice from different people to boycott VGMA – King Promise
King Promise

King Promise, the signee to Legacy Life Entertainment, claims that the famous dance in his song “Terminator” is what increased its appeal.

The majority of Ghanaians, in his opinion, are enthusiastic about the dancing in the song's music video, which has contributed to the track's increased popularity both within and outside of Ghana.

The Highlife performer praised the dancers in the music video for their work and said it was a relief to have them on board, as he seldom ever includes dancers in his dongs.

According to , dance, art, and music are all connected; as a result, combining these three forces results in songs that are more lively and attractive to the general population.

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“Yeah, the dancing has benefited my song, ‘Terminator,' a million times over. I feel the urge to dance as soon as I hear the song. Therefore, it seems to go hand in hand,” he remarked.

The strange thing is that dance, music, and the arts are all interconnected. Since I don't often feature dance in music videos, it was only fair and proper that we have one for this. When these forces come together, it's strong, so I admire all the dancers.

So there was something about the tune, he continued. Looking at what is occurring, I thought it would end with one dance. Therefore, it is a blessing.

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Source: Dklassgh.com