Nigel Gaisie
Nigel Gaisie

Prophet , the founder of Prophetic Hill Chapel, has responded to those who criticise him and other prophets in Ghana.

Following recent discussions regarding the role of prophecies in the entertainment business and spirituality, this is now being discussed. Many have condemned some preachers, notably Prophet Nigel Gaise, as being “Doomsday prophets” because of the nature of their revelations, including Bullet, CEO of Rufftown Records.

Prophet emphasised the value of respecting Ghanaian pastors, prophets, and clergymen in his appearance on the United Showbiz show on September 16. He warned against ignoring their significance, saying that some people had access to heavenly revelations regarding the nation's future.

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“It won't assist any of us in this country if people like Bullet disregard the importance of pastors, prophets, and clerics in the nation. This is because, according to him, “the good lord reveals to these particular people in this nation certain things about that nation.”

The fact that he said, “If I want to disclose what God has revealed to me about the enterprise where he is CEO, there may not be peace in this country,” suggested that he had also received insights regarding Bullet.

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