The epitaph that Nigerian singer Teniola Apata, often known as , wants to have written on her grave is already public knowledge.

In the most recent episode of the Tea With Tay podcast, which is hosted by actor Temisan Emmanuel Ahwieh, nicknamed Taymesan, she revealed what would be inscribed on her grave.

When I was two years old, my father passed away, remarked. Life will go on even if you pass away today. No room is given for expression.

“It's crucial to express oneself. The individuals that judge you will also pass away. They would therefore pass away, having told their own story. With your own story, you pass away. I'm living my life according to my terms because I want everyone to know who I am.

Being able to express oneself is crucial. People who judge you will also perish. So they would pass away having spoken their own tales. You pass away carrying your own tale. I'm living my life according to my terms so that the rest of the world will know who I am.

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“I sing when I'm happy or sad because that's how I roll. I can express myself on my terms. I won't be here for much longer. None of us will survive to leave this world.

I want it inscribed on my headstone: ‘She lived life on her own terms.' Yes, I want to go out on top. I'll pass away empty-handed.