Black Sherif

Nigel Gaisie, the founder of Prophetic Hill Chapel, has clarified a recent Facebook post in which he predicted the demise of well-known artist Sherif Black.

Gaisie mentions in the post that a specific Sheriff Black asked his family to pray for him due to something horrible he (Gaisie) had witnessed in the afterlife.

The news was extensively covered in the media, notably on, as a prophecy on , although Gaisie confirmed on the September 16, 2023 episode of UTV's United Showbiz Show that he did not specifically mention the artist.

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When the host questioned whether he was referring to by his post, he answered, “That is your word.

I didn't hear Black Sherif; I heard Sherif Black, he added, adding that with predictions, we see and prophesy in fragments. In the spirit, I saw Sherif Black. Any rational person, though, can draw conclusions from it.

“Since prophecies are often symbolic, I can take action if something seems to be happening to me or nearby. Better safe than sorry, he suggested, noting that artists frequently attack clerics when anything is said about them.

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