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How To Become an Accountant In Ghana



How To Become an Accountant In Ghana

An is a person whose job is to keep, inspect, and analyze financial accounts.

Below is How To Become an In Ghana

If you have a passion for becoming a professional accountant in Ghana, then you are in the right place. In this guide, we'll take you through the process and requirements for becoming a qualified and chartered accountant in Ghana.

Becoming a professional accountant in Ghana is not as easy as it seems. It requires advanced education, formal certification, and a firm commitment to learning the trade. In fact, a large number of accounting graduates in Ghana have not chartered accountants as they don't have any professional certification to back their claims.

Before we go into how to become an accountant in Ghana, let's take a look at the general overview of accounting.

What Does An Accountant Do?

Generally, accountants manage money. They deal with financial reporting, budgeting, pay, purchasing, procurement, and tax. In some companies, they may also audit financial figures.

How To Become A Chartered Accountant In Ghana

Below is a step-by-step procedure and requirement for becoming a chartered accountant in Ghana.

1. Obtain High School Education

The first thing that you need to become a professional accountant in Ghana is to go through secondary school education. This is the basics of becoming an accountant. Now, while in high school, you need to be in a commercial class.

By this we mean you need to offer subjects that are needed to study accounting in higher institutions.

Now, regardless of your class, you are expected to pass your O'level with a minimum of credits passes in three (3) core subjects English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social Studies, and Three (3) Elective Subjects in the following groups; Business, General Arts, and General Science.

Once you have your papers complete, congratulations you are on the right path to becoming an accountant.

2. Obtain a Tertiary Education

Once you have met the above minimum requirement, you need to further your education. This could be either a university, a technical university, or a polytechnic.

In these institutions, you are expected to study accounting as a course. However, even if you never studied this course during your university/polytechnic days, you can still become an accountant bypassing their professional exams.

But this will require you to spend more years compared to those that studied accounting or accountancy in school.

3. Obtain Accounting Certifications

This is the last step to becoming a professional accountant in Ghana. In fact, most accounting graduates don't get to this point. You really need this certification before you can become a professional accountant.

The certification is gotten from a professional accountancy body. You can enroll in the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICAG). But before you do that, you need to meet their minimum admission requirements.

Lis to schools offering Accounting Ghana

Below is the list of accredited universities offering accounting (with options in banking and finance) in Ghana.

University of Professional Studies

Central University College

Wisconsin International University College

University of Ghana

Catholic University College of Ghana

University for Development Studies

Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration

University of Cape Coast (B.Ed Accounting and B.Com Accounting)

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Accounting and Finance)

Valley View University

Lancaster University (Accounting and Finance)


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How To Become A Physician Assistant In Ghana



How To Become A Physician Assistant In Ghana

A (PA) is a licensed medical professional who holds an advanced degree and is able to provide direct patient care.

Below is How To Become A In Ghana

What Does a Physician Assistant Do?

What is a physician assistant, anyhow?

As the name suggests, a physician assistant helps doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals with a wide variety of tasks. They serve multiple functions that help the hospital or clinic continue to move forward efficiently. To help the doctor perform their work, a physician assistant will review patients' medical information, conduct basic examinations, give treatment, and educate or counsel patients according to their needs.

While doctors commonly perform the diagnosis and create a treatment plan, PAs may be required to conduct these tasks depending on the specific job. In rural areas, a physician assistant may be the primary care provider and merely communicate with a physician when needed.

They will work in all areas of medicine, from primary care to emergency service and psychiatry. The amount of work they put in, and the amount of oversight needed from physicians, will vary depending on the job and state or regional regulations.

Should I Become a Physician Assistant?

To become a physician assistant, you need the right formal training and experience. However, there are certain traits and characteristics that will make you more successful and allow you to have a long, rewarding career.

First of all, you must be emotionally stable, as you will deal directly with illness, death, and high-stress situations. Maintaining a calm demeanor will help you get through the emotional rigors of a physician assistant career. You should also be detail-oriented and work well with little to no instruction. However, you must also work well in groups, as you will need to collaborate with doctors, nurses, patients, patient's families, surgeons, and medical professionals of all types.

Throughout your career, a strong sense of compassion will help you be the best physician assistant possible. You need to help solve people's medical problems, and being able to listen with genuine kindness will help you clearly diagnose and treat patients.

Add in a strong dose of problem-solving and you have the makings for a world-class physician assistant.

Physician Assistant Education

We briefly explored a physician assistant education path, but now we'd like to take a deeper look at this topic to help you understand the details of getting the right education to become a PA.

Step 1: Four-Year Science or Medical Degree

Almost all prospective physician assistants will have completed a four-year (bachelor's) degree in a related science before entering a PA degree program.

Technically, a prospective physician assistant can have a four-year undergraduate degree in any field, but you will be better served if you choose something that closely relates to medicine or science.

Ensure your bachelor's degree is regionally accredited in order to make your application to graduate school as seamless as possible.

Common undergraduate degrees for physician assistants include:





Step 2: Physician Assistant Program

You must ensure that your physician assistant program is accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA). 

Most programs will take two to three years to complete. During your years of study, you will learn more detailed and focused information about health, medication, anatomy, and the health care industry. Throughout your classes, you will get both medical science and clinical experience, with courses covering diagnosis techniques, emergency medicine, pharmacology, and pathology, and well as many other topics.

Around the second year of studies, you will begin to focus on even more detailed topics, such as general surgery, gynecology, and behavioral medicine.

Once you complete the physician assistant education, you should be well prepared to pass the licensing exam and become a full-fledged PA.

Online Physician Assistant Programs

One of the best options is to seek your education online. There are many top-notch online programs that can prepare you for this rewarding career, and most are built to fit the busy schedule of a working professional or single parent.

Admission requirements will vary depending on the specific program. However, you can expect the programs (at least the high-quality, ARC-PA accredited programs, which is what you should be seeking) to require at least a 2.75 GPA from previous studies, if not a 3.0.

Other admission requirements will include some or all of the following:

Pre-requisite courses in General Chemistry I with lab, General Chemistry II with lab, Organic Chemistry with lab, Human Anatomy or Anatomy and Physiology I, Human Physiology or Anatomy & Physiology II, General Biology with lab, Biochemistry, Microbiology with lab, College Algebra or Statistics, Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Anthropology or Sociology, Medical Terminology

Patient care experience gained via work or volunteer time as a CNA, EMT, CMA, medical technician, or in hospice care

Shadowing of a physician assistant

Community service

GRE scores

Admission essay

In-person interview

Letter(s) of recommendation from previous instructors or medical professionals

Previous experience in the medical profession

Basic life support certification

Background check

Drug screening

Requirements to Become a PA

Because the word “assistant” is in the job title, it can be easy to assume that physicians assistants don't need a whole lot of education. Maybe a two-year degree, right?

In most cases, a physician assistant will need a master's degree from an accredited institution (two years of post-graduate education after completing a four-year degree). Essentially, you're looking at six years of rigorous education in total to become a physician assistant.

Most applicants to PA education programs will not only have four years of education, but they will also have at least a year of medical experience. Admission requirements will vary depending on the specific program, but you can expect to need two to four years of undergraduate course work with a specific focus on a related science.

For work experience, many people entering a PA program will have worked as a registered nurse, an EMT, or a paramedic.

Generally, there are five steps to becoming a PA:

Complete your bachelor's degree (a science or healthcare related major is usually best);

Gain experience either working or volunteering in a healthcare setting;

Apply to ARC-PA accredited programs;

Complete a 2-3 year, master's level program;

Pass the PANCE licensing exam.

How many years does it take to become a PA in Ghana?

PA programs typically take between 24 and 27 months to complete. So, it will take you about two years to become a physician assistant.

If you want to work during your PA program, some schools offer a three-year part-time option.


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How To Become An Uber Driver In Ghana



How To Become An Uber Driver In Ghana

Uber allows people who own a vehicle to sign up and become a driver, and passengers who want to have a ride can call for a car using the Uber app on their smartphone.

Then an Uber driver is called to the passenger's location to pick up the passenger and take the passenger to their destination.

Below is How To Become An

If you have been wondering how to become an Uber driver in Ghana, and you want to know the full registration process, then we have got you covered. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you all the necessary steps and requirements that you need to register your car for Uber Service in Ghana.

Documents Required to Become An Uber Driver in Ghana

Below are the documents required to partner with Uber as a driver in Ghana.

Must have a photo (clear headshot)

Car model must be 2000 and newer

Driver's License

Car Insurance

Proof of Insurance – Upload the proof of insurance document for your vehicle. The insurance cover should be third-party insurance with comprehensive cover.

Clearance certificate from Ghana police headquarters

You must be at least 21 years' old to drive with Uber In Ghana

Roadworthy Sticker

How to Obtain Roadworthy Sticker (DVLA)

The roadworthy sticker can be acquired by registering your vehicle at the nearest DVLA office. In the process of registering your vehicle, your vehicle goes through several checks to make sure it is in good condition to be on the road. If your vehicle passes this test, the DVLA will issue you the roadworthy sticker.

Uber Ghana Car Requirements

Not every car is accepted on the Uber Ghana service network. The following are the specific requirements for the accepted vehicles on the Uber driver service network.

The Car model must be 2000 and newer

Your car must have no major cosmetic damage

It must not be a salvaged or rebuilt vehicle.

The car must possess 4 working doors and air conditioning

Full-sized vans or marked vehicles are not acceptable

Taxis or government marked vehicles are not acceptable

Recommended Vehicles for Uber Service in Ghana

Below is the list of vehicles recommended for Uber service in Ghana.

Chevrolet Cruze, Chevrolet Malibu, Ford Fusion, Ford Escape, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Sonata, Hyundai Tucson, Kia Optima, Mazda MAZDA3, Nisan Altima, Nissan Sentra, Toyota Prius, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Jetta, Volvo S40

This list is by no means exhaustive. It is just a clear picture of what is required from an .

How to Register to Become An Uber Driver in Ghana

Once you have met all the necessary requirements, proceed to sign up at

Thereafter, you will receive an email from Uber requesting that you fill in some documents and upload the scanned documents and send them back.

Uber Interview and Background Check

During this stage, Uber will use your uploaded documents to conduct thorough background checks to ascertain if an intending driver possesses a criminal history. Intending Uber drivers are also expected to undergo a screening process where they are required to pass both oral and written interviews to ascertain their driving skills. This process takes about 2 to 3 weeks.

Uber then signs you up on the platform once you pass the screening process, background checks, and vehicle inspection.

How Much Do Uber Driver Earn in Ghana?

The Demand for Uber service is quite high in Accra. If you decide to become a full-time driver with Uber, you are going to be making a lot of trips which translates to lots of money.

Base far: GHS1.7

Cost per min: GHS0.19

Cost per KM: GHS0.81

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How To Become ECG Prepaid Vendor In Ghana



ECG Prepaid Vendor

Below is How To Become In Ghana

If you are reading this article, then you might probably be thinking of becoming an . Well, you are in luck because this article shows you the process to become just that.

The selling of prepaid electricity credit is really growing in Ghana and has served as a source of employment for many since its inception.

The good news is that you don't need a university degree or working experience to become an ECG prepaid Vendor, and as you read this article, you will find how easy it is to become a vendor.

Things You Might Know About ECG

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) is a Ghanaian public electricity service provider. Currently, the ECG covers nearly a third of Ghana's overall landmass. ECG Ghana is a public enterprise that reports to Ghana's Ministry of Energy.

They supply all of Ghana's electrical needs and other West African countries in collaboration with the Northern Electricity Distribution Company.

Prepaid Vendoring In Ghana

There are numerous ECG Ghana offices located across the country. But finding a nearby electrical pre-paid vendor to recharge when needed, on the other hand, can be difficult.

That is why the company has now given common citizens the rights to sell prepaid credit to consumers upon meeting certain criteria.

Vendors of Electricity Company of Ghana's prepaid are only allowed a commission of 1.9% by the power distribution company for sales made. That is for a sale of Ghc 1000 earns a commission of Ghc 10.90.

ECG Prepaid Vendor Application

  • To become an ECG prepaid vendor, there are some sets of guidelines and requirements to follow.
  • You need to have a physical structure requirement fitting for the vending business, and the structure should be allocated 100 meters away from the next vendor.
  • You need to have a required capital i.e minimum capital of Ghc 15,000.00.

Documents Needed To Apply As A Vendor

  1. Business Registration Certificate
  2. A valid National photo ID ( Voters ID/ National ID/ Driver's License/ Passport/ SSNIT ID)

How To Apply As A Vendor

Visit any main branch of the ECG office near you with the documents above to apply as a vendor.

Note: Application will be denied if you didn't meet certain criteria need for the application.

You can also contact ECG Ghana using the information below for more clarification.

Electro-Volta House
P. O. Box 521 Accra,
Ghana Call Centre:

How do I get an ECG prepaid?

Install the ECG App from Google Play Store or the App Store.

Then create a new account on the ECG App with your Email, Phone number and enter a password.

Afterward, Add your first-meter number by clicking on the (+) sign.

How do I buy prepaid electricity in Ghana?

How to pay your bill/buy prepaid using the ECG Power App

Choose the “Make Payment” option to Pay Bills or Buy Prepaid.

Select your meter type (Postpaid/Prepaid)

Enter your Account Number for postpaid or Meter Number for prepaid.

Select payment method.

Enter Mobile Number and amount you want to pay.


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