In an interview with Okay FM, Nicholas Osei, also known as prophet , the founder of Heaven's Gate Ministries, related the story of how his elder sister almost perished due to a broken traffic signal.

Speaking about the tragedy, revealed that his older sister was returning from a trip when she was engaged in a tragic accident that claimed the lives of fourteen people and left two alive.

He stated that the collision was brought on by a broken traffic signal that had not been fixed in the previous four years.

Kumchacha revealed that his older sister, who had suffered a severe injury in the event, fought for her life in the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

Now, two weeks have passed since the accident. My older sister, who is currently undergoing treatment at the Korle-Bu Hospital, was among them. Her legs and limbs have been severely impacted. Just two of the sixteen occupants of the car survived, leaving fourteen dead. The road's traffic signal was broken when it happened near Banyard, he added.

He also chastised the nation's traffic light authority for what he called their incompetence and tardiness in ensuring that malfunctioning lights are promptly fixed.

Source: Dklassgh.com