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“We Should Applaud MzBel For Raising An Intelligent Child” – Ola Michael




After 's 10-year-old son made statements suggesting he doesn't believe in God, the child's upbringing and the way he learned a lot about God and other people have come under fire.

In light of the comments he made in the interview that sparked controversy across the nation, received harsh criticism for failing to raise her child properly.

Conversely, the musician has received praise from well-known filmmaker and entertainment commentator Ola Michael for raising her child to speak well at such a young age.

It's uncommon for children to be intelligent and speak so confidently in public, he said, so Mzbel should be commended for raising her child in that regard.

“I think Mzbel did a good job. I was astounded every time I watched the video. Mzbel's son expressed clearly that he is the type of child raised by a single parent. I didn't hear him discuss his father during the interview. He calls attention to his mother. He began by saying, “So, to start, the woman [Mzbel] has done very well to train a 10-year-old boy to speak like that.”

“I first noticed he was intelligent when I was watching the interview because of the way he speaks. Thus, I was curious about his origins. Where did he get the knowledge of all that? According to Ola Michael, MzGee on United Showbiz.



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