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“I Always Laugh When The Youth Blame Politicians For Everything” – Shatta Wale



Shatta Wale

During a live conversation on 3Music TV, self-acclaimed Ghanaian dancehall artist Charles Nii Armah Mensah, better known as , blasted the country's youth for having a lazy mentality and always criticizing politicians rather than utilizing the possibilities at their disposal.

He said young people never stop blaming politicians for their issues, yet they won't put in the effort or go into lucrative industries like building.

I laugh sometimes when we point the finger at the politicians. Politicians are exerting every effort to remain in the political profession. He explained, “It's just that you will constantly be talking about politicians when you have a lazy mentality and don't know how to take advantage of possibilities yourself.

“Politicians are like cartels with how they run things,” he went on. It's not like they're belittling the populace; you support them because they make promises. However, the white guy believes that they would use the money to provide the young people with work when they go to them and collect money from them. They are unaware that the politician would pocket the money and distribute it to rural residents who can work for less money.

Additionally, said that young people have the incorrect idea, preferring to drive fancy vehicles and dress in suits rather than putting money into their enterprises and skill development.

“They know that those who went to tertiary institutions will not apply. Our politicians have realized that the youth want flashy things and to wear suits. They don't want to go into construction. But there's a lot of money in construction,” he said.



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