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“I Was Born As a Man Full of Aim and Goals ”- Shatta Wale.



Recently bagging an international award christened African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) king has received tons of messages from colleagues and fans as he marked his 32nd birthday celebration today.
Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr. well known on stage as Shatta Wale wrote length words on how he survived and made it big in the music industry.
He touched on lots of issues; from his journey as an underground act to where he's now, how the media labelled him and more.
According to Shatta “It is That Day Again. Yeah It is The Date I Was Born Into This World. So I Stood In front of a Mirror To have a Little Chat with Myself And to Thank Almighty God And Appreciate The Kind of Person I've Become in this Life”.
He said I was born As a Man, a Man Full of Ambitions, a Man Full of Big Dreams, A Man Full of Aims And Goals.
“…I was born into a Well Meritable and comfortable Home, But My Dreams Led me to another Path, he averred.
The ‘if I collect' hit maker continued that My Dreams took me to the Hard part of Life,The path where I faced Countless Obstacles.
Below is the continuation of his Social media post

The Struggle, The Hustle, The Unkind Surroundings that I found myself.
It was Not my Choice to be in that Hardship, But it was My Dream that landed me in such Standpoint.
I just followed my Dream; I just wanted to Become what I Always Dream of.
I Know I Got it, I know I Got Something Big in Me And I Can't Hide It from the World.
I faced many Challenges That tried to prevent me from Showing this Precious Gift to the World.
My Friends Laughed at me, My Love ones neglected Me, My Parents Lost hope In Me,
All Because of this Priceless Gift That i was trying to Disclose to the World.
Even When Getting Closer to Achieve my Goals, That was where I Started facing Many Challengings.
Some Opted Against My Style, Some Predicted Doom for my Career, So Many Bad plans to quench me OFF!
So Many Stumbling Blocks came on my way, because I was fighting for the Right Cause!
They didn't Like me Because I Was Straight, I Hate Lies and i love to face the #Real Fact!


I grew up As an Underground Musician to found myself in a Weak And poor Music industry where people Hate to hear you saying the truth.
I found my career in a type of Industry where Cowards And bootlickers are Describe as “HUMBLE” Because They Keep Quiet On issues that need to be Question about.
I'm the straight forward type And Always ready to stand for the truth, I don't Care If Millions Will go Against my Options, I Will still stand as a Loner And Say what many were afraid to say.
Because of my way of Life, Many see me as the BAD GUY.
The Industry Paint me as the Disrespectful Guy,
The Media Describes me As the “Arrogant Type”
Fighting and Always Tarnishing my Image Because I'm not Doing what they are Instructing me to Do.
I'm always Being Who I AM, I will always stand for the truth, I Will Always be the Mouthpiece for the Dumb.
I'm Facing These people when I was just an Upcoming and I'm still Surviving Without Them.
Upon All these DREAM KILLERS Chasing after My Career,
I Never Give up, I never Drop my Weapons,
I Never Surrender to Them, I Still Fight On And On!
And As I Always Say, If I even Fall down 10 Times, I Will surely Rise back to my feet 100 times!
I was not born as a Loser, Never!
Today By God's Grace I Can hit my Chest And Say I'm one of the Best Musicians in .
Not by my Might or by my Knowledge, But by the Spirit of Courage that God has Planted in me.
(Read 2 Timothy 1:7) And You will understand what I'm trying to tell you.


Today is 17TH OCTOBER And That Marks As my Birthday On The Calendar.
I Thank God For My Life And My Career
And I Thank My Super Fans For their Priceless Support And the Love.
I Came back For Them And I Will Be here with Them Forever!
Written By *Shadrack Amonoo Crabe*

Samuel Amadotor, known professionally as D.Klass GH is Multiple Award Winning Ghanaian Blogger, Music Promoter, Publicist, Pharmacy Technician by Profession and the Founder of Dklassgh.Com. He has an interest in promoting Up and coming artists and has a keen interest in showcasing the talents in Volta Region. His blogging covers international artists and has affiliates around Africa to boost his reach to the targeted audience. Get In Touch if you need my service | Email: [email protected]| Call/whatsapp: 0241 444 116 Or connect with me across social media handles, @Dklassgh


7 reasons why Kpese Boii deserves to be named #unsungact of the year at the 25th Ghana Music Awards



Kpese Boii

The music industry in has recently seen the quick rise of a talented artist similar to Brobdingnagian, whose steady ascent to the pinnacle of his career has been every bit as exciting as his catchy hits.

Kpese Boii, who possesses captivating musicality, has overcome adversity to make a name for himself in the crowded music scene. This article's main goal is to showcase Kpese Boii's admirers' strong case for him to win the 25th Music Awards' #unsungact of the year award. It does this by citing his skill, string of hit songs, ability to manage crowds, lyricism, and immense charm.

Kpese Boii is not just another artist; he is a visionary, a trailblazer who dares to tread where few have gone before. His music transcends boundaries, blending tradition with innovation, and weaving narratives that resonate with the soul. With each note, each lyric, Kpese Boii paints a vivid portrait of Ghanaian culture, capturing the essence of our heritage while pushing the boundaries of musical expression.

But what sets Kpese Boii apart is not just his undeniable talent or his cultural resonance; it is his unwavering commitment to his craft. Despite facing the challenges of being an unsung artist in a crowded industry, Kpese Boii perseveres, pouring his heart and soul into every song, every performance. He embodies the spirit of resilience, the spirit of a true artist who refuses to be silenced, whose voice demands to be heard.

The centrepiece of Kpese Boii's proposition for #unsungact is undoubtedly his peerless artistry. Engaging a blend of traditional Ghanaian Ewe rhythms with contemporary soundscapes, Kpese Boii has cultivated an ingenious musical identity. Such versatility not only strengthens the texture of his compositions but also echoes his cultural roots.

While transcending geographical and generational boundaries, Kpese Boii's sound has a distinct Ghanaian essence that resonates with audiences worldwide. His music is an amalgamation of curative melodies and assuasive rhythms that encapsulate the human condition's multitudes, catapulting him above the status quo.

Kpese boii
Kpese boii

Here are 7 reasons why Kpese Boii deserves to be named #unsungact of the year at the 25th Ghana Music Awards

Unique Style: Kpese Boii's music stands out for its unique style and sound. He brings a fresh perspective to the Ghanaian music scene, blending traditional rhythms with contemporary beats, creating a fusion that appeals to a diverse audience.

Musical Talent: Kpese Boii demonstrates exceptional musical talent through his compositions, arrangements, and performances. His ability to craft catchy melodies and poignant lyrics showcases his prowess as a songwriter and performer.

Cultural Representation: Kpese Boii's music reflects the rich cultural heritage of Ghana. Through his songs, he celebrates Ghanaian traditions, values, and experiences, serving as a cultural ambassador for his Region.

Impactful Lyrics: Kpese Boii's lyrics often carry powerful messages that resonate with listeners. Whether addressing social issues, personal struggles, or matters of the heart, his songs have a profound impact, inspiring and uplifting audiences.

Grassroots Support: Despite not receiving mainstream recognition, Kpese Boii has garnered a dedicated fan base through grassroots efforts. His fans appreciate his authenticity, passion, and commitment to his craft, making him a deserving candidate for the #unsungact of the year award.

Growth Potential: Kpese Boii has demonstrated significant growth and potential within the music industry. With the right support and recognition, he has the opportunity to reach even greater heights in his career, making him a deserving recipient of the award.

Consistency: Kpese Boii has consistently delivered quality music throughout his career. His dedication to his craft and his commitment to pushing artistic boundaries make him a standout artist worthy of recognition at the Ghana Music Awards.

Kpese Boii's lyrical brilliance is yet another dimension that accentuates his contention for #unsungact of the year. His command over poetic language, merged with his ability to encapsulate the intricacies of life experiences, sets him apart from his contemporaries.

His lyrical brilliance not only strikes a chord with listeners but also uplifts them, invoking introspection and striking a balance between entertainment and enlightenment. His nuanced storytelling skill makes him an exceptional lyricist and a voice for the voiceless, thereby consolidating his candidacy.

SOURCE: Dklassgh.Com

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Sing-A-Thon: Gunness World Records disqualifies Afua Asantewaa despite paying Ghc 9,286



Afua Asantewaa's Medical team Finally explains why she ended sing-a-thon

confirmed on February 1, 2023, that she had paid the Guinness World Record $750, or GHC 9,286 for a priority review.

revealed in an exclusive interview with Joy News that she and her team paid for the priority review after waiting weeks for an official statement regarding her longest singing marathon attempt by an individual from Guinness World Records.

Afua claims that although the priority review costs $650, there are additional unstated fees. As a result, she ended up paying $750 in total.

Citing from the official website of Guinness World Records, if an applicant chooses the Priority Application service, Guinness World Records will respond to him or her within 5 working days (as opposed to the usual 12 weeks).

Today is 22nd February (Roughly 21 days after the payment of the priority review) and we still haven't received any update from Afua Asantewaa's team concerning the current status of her sing-a-thon attempt.

Has she been informed of her unfortunate disqualification and has she been keeping it hidden from the public eye, which is highly suspicious given that if this had been the case, the news of her victory would have made the news!

We'll have to wait and see, but we're still hoping for the best.

Guinness World Records drops latest update about Afua Asantewaa

Afua Asantewaa completes Sing-A-Thon 

Afua Asantewaa endured a five-day singing marathon that commenced at midnight on Sunday, December 24 and concluded at 7:00 am on December 29.

At the time of ending her record attempt on Friday morning, the young woman had sung for five days, six hours, and 55 minutes.

While addressing the public after her remarkable feat, Afua Asantewaa expressed gratitude to everyone who supported her, including those who showed up at the Akwaaba Village and those who could not.

“At a point, I kept asking which day it was, and I finally got to know that today is Friday. On behalf of my family, team, volunteers, the media, and Ghana Tourism Authority, I would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in this attempt; it has been a smooth journey and a very successful one,” she noted.

SOURCE: Dklassgh.Com

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”This is not fair”; Ghanaians react after Afua Asantewaa’s Singathon attempt was rejected by GWR



Guinness World Records drops latest update about Afua Asantewaa

Following the announcement on that 's attempt at a singathon has been formally rejected by Guinness World Records, there is a stir on Ghanaian social media.

In a post sighted on X, GWR wrote;

Unfortunately Afua's Guinness World Records attempt for the longest singing marathon was not successful, but we hope that she will make another attempt soon. We've seen how inspirational it has been for her fans.

The evidence check had already begun before Afua requested priority service, so we refunded her payment earlier this month. We wish Afua the best of luck with any future record attempts.

Aduonum finally received the results of her ordeal after five days and a few hours of singing over a thousand songs. This is a regrettable development.

With 126 hours completed, Afua Asantewaa officially ended her challenge, beating the official record of 105 hours held by Sunil Waghmare, the current Guinness World Record holder from India.

Afua Asantewaa Aduonum finally received the results of her ordeal after five days and a few hours of singing over a thousand songs. This is a regrettable development.

Afua Asantewaa officially wrapped up her challenge with 126 hours to her name, surpassing the number official 105 hour mark set by India's Sunil Waghmare, the current Guinness World Record holder.

Unofficially, Afua Asantewaa Aduonum sang for 126 hours, 52 minutes and a few seconds. Taking this into consideration, she did an additional 21 hours to the 105 hours achieved by Sunil Waghmare in 2012.


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