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Meet Tonnero, Afrobeat Artiste on the Rise.




Born Anthony Eroh in Sapele, a town in the  Delta State of in West Africa.
Tonnero has always been passionate about music and entertainment in general, grooming and learning his craft as an independent musician. The silky voice singer had love for several genres of music and also looked up to some musicians as mentors adding to his sucess.
He first moved to Ghana in 2007  when he was certain about the next stage of his music journey. He released a couple of singles including ‘Come back to me', ‘Hustle Hard', ‘Party Here'.
He then made his first major appearance when he featured multiple international award winner Stonebwoy on his single “Overtime Love” earning him a lot of recognition on the Ghanaian music front and beyond.
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He followed up with ‘Street code', ‘Happy Yourself', ‘Can't Get Enough', ‘The situation', and ‘Better Music Come' etc.
Fast forward to 2016 – the ‘Best Must Come' frontier featured D-Black on his song ‘Rock with Me' which is gradually getting the buzz in some parts of Ghana and respectively.
Tonnero is good at other genres like R&B, reggae, dancehall and poised  towards taking Afrobeat and auttentic African music to the world stage in no time.
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Interact with Tonnnero on Twitter,Facebok,Instagram:@Tonnero1
Stream Tonnero's ‘Overtime love' featuring Stonebwoy

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Get familiar with Flexy Lit, the Versatile Heavyweight behind The Mask



Get familiar with Flexy Lit, the Versatile Heavyweight behind The Mask

Assan Ankomah Isaac, professionally known by his stage name is a budding Ghanaian musical talent who has been making waves in the industry with his unique blend of Afrobeat and contemporary Ghanaian sounds.

Born to Jonathan Assan and Rita Twenewaa Yeboah, discovered his passion for music at an early age, and his journey has been one marked by dedication and an unwavering commitment to his craft.

Completing his Junior High School education at Goodness Link Academy in Sunyani in 2017, Flexy Lit further pursued his academic aspirations at Presbyterian Senior High School in Bechem, where he completed his studies in 2023. It was during his high school years that his passion for music truly took flight, with Flexylit actively honing his skills and immersing himself in the art of music production and songwriting.

His musical journey gained momentum after completing high school, as he began to gain recognition for his unique style and lyrical prowess. Despite not yet receiving any notable award nominations, Flexy Lit has already made a notable mark in the industry, with two of his tracks gaining significant traction on Audiomack. His growing presence in the digital music space is a testament to his talent and dedication, signaling a promising future for this young Ghanaian artist.

Flexy Lit
Flexy Lit

Flexylit's musical style reflects a fusion of vibrant Ghanaian rhythms, modern beats, and introspective lyrics that resonate with the experiences and aspirations of the youth. With an unwavering determination to leave an indelible mark on the Ghanaian music scene, Flexy Lit continues to captivate audiences with his dynamic performances and relatable musical storytelling, making him a rising star to watch in the vibrant landscape of Ghanaian music.

As a versatile artiste, he raps and sings as well. As someone who has seen things play out over and over again, he knows the game plan and understands what the artistes are missing out in the game. Currently Big Monii doesn't have a specific genre of music he is into. The mood sets the tone for the music and certainly as Afrobeat, he is towing that line.

His current single is “Baby Jo” which is mixed and mastered by Unas Beatz. The song tells the story of a love that is pure and true, with the lyrics painting a picture of a beautiful romance between two people who are deeply in love. The melody of the song is soft and gentle, and Flexy Lit's voice brings a sense of warmth and intimacy to the lyrics.

He is working on other projects loading in the pipeline.

Flexy Lit
Flexy Lit
Flexy Lit
Flexy Lit

Follow him on all social media Platforms

Facebook : @FlexyLit

Instagram: @Flexylit

Twitter: @Flexylit07

Snapchat : @Flexylit07

Tiktok: @Flexylit07

Youtube : Flexy Lit

SOURCE: Dklassgh.Com

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Meet Joseph Wemakor: Ghanaian fearless journalist fighting for human rights



Joseph Wemakor

is a beautiful country in West Africa, known for its rich cultural heritage, diverse wildlife, and vibrant music scene. However, beneath this beauty lies several human rights issues, including corruption, poverty, and discrimination.

One journalist who has made it his mission to expose these issues to the world is Joseph Kobla Wemakor.

Joseph Kobla Wemakor is a fearless journalist and a staunch human rights activist who works tirelessly to report on human rights issues in .

He is known for his investigative journalism and his commitment to exposing corruption and injustice.

Over the years, he has faced several challenges in his work, including threats to his safety and attempts to censor his reporting.

Despite these challenges, Wemakor has remained dedicated to his work.

He believes that journalism is an essential tool for promoting human rights and holding those in power accountable.

He has reported on a wide range of issues, including police brutality, child labor, and discrimination against marginalized groups.

Wemakor has also been a vocal advocate for press freedom in Ghana.

He has spoken out against attempts by the government to restrict media freedom and has called for greater transparency and accountability in government.

One of Wemakor's most significant achievements was his reporting on child labor within the coastal communities of Ghana particularly in the Central Region where child labour is rife contributing adversely to teenage pregnancy, rape and low standards of education.

He exposed how children were being forced to work long hours in dangerous conditions and how this was contributing to poverty and inequality in the country.

His reporting led to increased awareness of the issue and helped to prompt action from the government and industry leaders.

Wemakor's work has not gone unnoticed. He has received several awards and recognition for his reporting, including being adjudged the winner of the 2018 media competition on migration reporting, the recipient of the GIJ 60th Anniversary Media Contest for producing an outstanding print report which sheds light on the Sustainable Development Goals including being conferred on the 2022 Honorary Award for Peace, Security and Education in Africa (TERIA).

The celebrated journalist cum indefatigable activist was also named as finalist for the 2023 AfricanDefenders Shield Awards (AfricanDefenders).

However, Wemakor's work has also put him in danger. He has faced threats from those who do not want their activities exposed and has been subjected to harassment and abuse.

In 2021, he was allegedly intimidated and verbally abused for condemning dehumanizing acts of injustices perpetrated against the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI+) community in Ghana, following the launch of their office space in Accra, the capital city of Ghana.

The incident sparked outrage among journalists and human rights activists, who called for an investigation into the matter.

Despite these challenges, Wemakor remains committed to his work. He believes that journalism can make a real difference in promoting human rights and social justice.

He is an inspiration to many young journalists in Ghana who aspire to follow in his footsteps.

In conclusion, Joseph Kobla Wemakor is a true hero in the fight for human rights in Ghana. His tireless work and dedication to reporting on issues of social justice have helped to expose corruption and inequality in the country.

Today, Wemakor is one of Ghana's most respected journalists. He continues to work tirelessly to defend human rights, fight for justice, and expose human rights abuses.

He holds the view that every person has the right to live free from fear and oppression, and he will do whatever it takes to make that belief a reality.

However, his work is not done.

As long as there are human rights abuses in Ghana, journalists like Wemakor will continue to fight for a better future.

Source: Kandey Alhassan

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The Rise and Journey of GhCali: From Humble Beginnings to Musical Success




GhCALI is a multi-talented Ghanaian-Canadian musician, video director, and entrepreneur. Born and raised in , GhCALI began his music career at a young age, performing at local events and festivals. He quickly gained a reputation as a gifted musician with a unique voice and a talent for writing catchy and memorable songs.

In 2009, GhCALI moved to Canada to pursue his studies, but he continued to pursue his passion for music, performing at various events and collaborating with other musicians in the local scene. He quickly gained a following, and his music began to receive recognition both in Canada and back home in .

In addition to his music career, GhCALI is also an accomplished video director, having worked with a wide range of artists in Canada and Ghana. His music videos are known for their high production values and creative visuals, and he has become a sought-after collaborator in the industry.

GhCALI is also an entrepreneur, having founded his own label and management company that currently has five artists working under its umbrella. Through his label, GhCALI is dedicated to supporting and promoting emerging talent in the music industry, and he is known for his commitment to helping artists achieve their goals and realize their potential.

In 2023, GhCALI is set to release his highly anticipated new album, “Believe,” which features a range of new tracks that showcase his unique style and musical versatility. The album is expected to be one of the most exciting releases of the year and is sure to cement GhCALI's position as one of the most exciting new voices in Afrobeats,rap and Dancehall music.

GhCALI has already released two singles from the upcoming album, “My Duty” and “Wahala,” which have been making waves around the globe. “My Duty” is an infectious and upbeat track that celebrates the joy of love and the importance of taking care of one another.

“Wahala” is a powerful and energetic track that touches on themes of perseverance and determination in the face of adversity. Both tracks have been well-received by fans and critics alike and have helped to build anticipation for the upcoming album.

GhCALI is known for his dynamic and engaging live performances, and he has performed at various events and festivals across Canada and Ghana. He is also an advocate for social justice and uses his music to raise awareness about important issues affecting his community and the world at large.

Overall, GhCALI is a talented and multifaceted artist who is making a significant impact in the music and entertainment industry. With his unique blend of skills and talents, infectious energy, and positive messages, he is sure to continue to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

Check out his new song here

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