Controversial Ghanaian counselor, Lutterodt claims that any woman who permits her baby daddy to have s.ex with her without the idea of marriage is a fool.

Counselor Lutterodt added that no one should ever marry someone just because they have a child for you, referring to how some baby mamas and baby daddies believe that having a child for the other instantly makes you their wife or husband.

According to him, as a woman, you are not required to allow the father of your child to have s.ex with you just because you have a child for them, because that would make you a prostitute rather than the woman of your baby daddy.

Counselor Lutterodt further on his point by saying that as a woman, you are a fool if you allow your baby daddy, who has no intention of marrying you, to continue having s.ex with you unless you are having s.ex with him as a prostitute.

Counselor Lutterodt told the men that they are not bound to marry any woman simply because she has a kid for them because no one considers the fact that a lady has a child for him before marrying her.

He then chastised individuals who promote side chicks and baby mothers on social media, telling them that it’s enough and that it’s a poor idea to promote your baby mama and side chick, a dig at blogger Zionfelix.

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