Dan Sur Gold Chain Hair
Dan Sur Gold Chain Hair

American rapper Dan Sur has proudly announced that he’s the first human in history to have an assortment of gold chains as hair.

He said he had his gold and silver chains embedded into his head. “The truth is that I wanted to do something different because I see that everyone dyes their hair.

I hope not everyone copies me now,” he said in one of his TikTok videos.

“I have it as a hook that is implanted in my head and that hook has hooks and they are all hooked in my skull, under my skin.

This is my hair. Golden hair. The first rapper to have gold hair implanted in human history,” he said.

He also proved his chains were real – and not made of plastic as some claimed – in a video posted to TikTok, where he dipped the chains in a solution.

On another video he thanked his followers for warning him not to go out on a rainy day, because, in his opinion, gold is the “number one” conductor of electricity.

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