Shatta Wale, the dancehall musician, has revealed that there is nothing like predictions in the spiritual realm and that no preacher has ever gone there before, warning people to be cautious.

After replying to Jesus Ahuofe’s death prophecy by stating he’ll defend himself with bulletproof and accused Sadiq of plotting to murder him, Shatta Wale has retaliated by declaring he doesn’t believe in prophecies or anything like that.

According to him, the spiritual realm does not come with prophecies but rather concealment, and no pastor has ever been there before; in fact, he has yet to see or meet a pastor who has been there, and all those who claim to have been there are simply marketing.

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Shatta Wale then advised us not to believe any guy because they are all selling themselves and their predictions aren’t true since none of them have ever gone to the spiritual realm as they say.

Shatta Wale is attempting to pretend that he does not believe in the prophecies in this post, but he hasn’t disregarded the one about him stating he’ll defend himself from getting shot dead, and he appears to be unsure of what to believe or say.


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