Comedians have taken on the role of Master of Ceremony (MC) at various events in order to enliven and enliven the performances they host.

Lekzy Decomic, one of Ghana’s most funny comedians, has given his thoughts on the new phenomena and why he believes event organizers should hire comedians as MCs for their events.

In an interview with Sammy Kay on the Go Online Show, Lekzy explained that comedians are the best people to MC shows because, in situations where there are technical issues during the event or program, comedians can hold the fort and keep audiences engaged with their craft while things are sorted out or rectified.

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Professional MCs, he claims, are not always adaptable and lack the requisite sense of humor to amuse audiences in circumstances where proceedings are disrupted, making the presentation dull.


Princess Shyngle, the Gambian-born Ghanaian actress, has explained why she aborted her baby, which she was expecting to give birth to in January 2022.

Princess Shyngle claims that physicians informed her that if she kept the pregnancy, her fallopian tube would break and she would bleed to death.

Her super-thin waist was the reason her fallopian tube couldn’t accommodate her baby, the hourglass figure actress said to her 900k Instagram fans.

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She also talked about how she spent a lot of money on baby clothes, food, diapers, soap, and other items after finding...continue reading


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