Funny Face
Funny Face

This will be the second time the comedian will be confined to a psychiatric hospital for examination following an arrest.

Funny Face was arrested for threatening to kill his baby mama and other individuals according to Ghana Police Service.

According to the agency, the comedian will be arraigned in court for an order referring him to a mental hospital because of his background.

The court approved the order today. Media personality Kofi Adoma and actress Lilwin were present at the court hearing to sympathize with and support Funny Face.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, Wendy Shay’s new single, “Heat,” has received a lot of positive feedback. Since its release, the song has had a lot of people jamming to it wherever it’s played.

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The song includes Shay Gang, the fandom group, and adds a drill aspect to it, making it more Kumerican.

Many people have applauded the spectacular singer for her new release, while a few…continue reading


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